Mohawk SCX35

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Immobility: 70

Mohawk SCX35
Heavy Gunner Class mecha! It has a devestating combo "Ground Assault" maneuver when all weapons are used before the body. This model levels with the pilot up to Level 40
Level Required: 35
Hit Points: 546
Energy Points: 477
Energy Regeneration: 18
Location: Tek's Mechs
Price: 350,000 credits
Sellback: 35,000 credits
SC Needed: Yes
Notes: September monthly rare Mecha.
Available Slots: Front Arm/ Back Arm/ Front Shoulder/ Back Shoulder/ Body/ Head
Front Arm: MK-35 Shredder
Back Arm: MX-35 Launcher
Front Shoulder: MWK Sniper X35
Back Shoulder: SCX-35 Anti-Mecha
Body: MK35 Ground Assualt
Head: D35 Sensor Array