Mr. Z's Noggin DLX

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Mr. Z's Noggin DLX
A trophy replica of Mr. Z's head! Can cause internal fires that affect your enemy's cooldowns. Causes electrical fires in non-equipped enemies.
Level Required: 25
Equip Spot: Head
Hits: 1
Damage: 46 - 70 Fire
Total Damage: 46 - 70 Fire
DPT: 58
DPE: 1.5
Energy Consumption: 38
Cooldown: 8 turn(s)
Location: Mr. Z Head
Price: 375 Nova Gems
  • First 24 Hours: 338 Nova Gems
  • After That: 94 Nova Gems
SC Needed: Nova

Chance on Hit

  • 2 different effects from Electrical Fire. Random cooldown increase for mecha-type enemies and energy drain for monster-type enemies (or mecha enemies that don't have any weapons equipped)