Mysterious Johnson

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Mysterious Johnson

Mysterious Johnson,(also known as Mysterious J.)is the owner of Magic and Novelty Item Store. The player owes him a favor for destroying his containment system


Magic and Novelty Item Store


Important Text

Mysterious J.: I am Mysterious Johnson! Mrs. Cleopatra is always wrong! Mysterious Johnson is always right!

Mysterious J.: I am Mysterious Johnson! Now, recapture the ghosts you freed when you blew up my containment system.


Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson predicted you would come to his magic and novelty shop and has predicted what YOU want!

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson will grant you access to the identity cloaking SPECTRE SPECS

Mysterious J.: Spectre Specs will remove the blindfolds of the illusionary world in which you live! Things can never be unseen! Are you certain?

Mysterious J.: Very well. Go retrieve the Incognito Spectre Specs! Beware! Mysterious Johnson's backroom holds many secrets!

Begin quest A Simple Task


Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson senses that there more ghosts roaming the town! You must go and catch them!

How do I catch a GHOST?

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson will train you in the mysterious art of SPECTRE BUSTING!


How to use it

1. Ghosts can possess Mecha. This is call a "Ghost in the Machine." If you find one you must first weaken it. Do this by shooting it with lasers and missiles and other stuff that goes BOOM!

2. Then, when it is weak, use one of the WEAPONS from the GHOST HUNTING SHOP to trap it!

3. There is no three. Mysterious!


Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson's special truth glasses will allow you to see things how they really are! You can use them to find ghosts.


Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes that despite the chocolate chip cookie's fundamental design flaw its vastly superior at fortune telling!


(Random text)

Note: Only the first fortune per day counts

  • Another! (Brings you back to the Fortune screen.)
  • Done


(see Master Myrzor)


'Mysterious J. Mysterious Johnson predicts that YOU are READY to join the Mysterious Club!


Mysterious J.: To join the Mysterious Club, Mysterious Johnson predicts you MUST DEFFEAT MONKEY!

Objective Find a monkey to battle in this shop.... do not lose!

(Note: Do the Monkey Business quest.)


Mysterious J.: Indeed. Mysterious Johnson Predicts your next challenge is to DEFEAT PUNCHY!

Objective Agitate Punchy into fighting you... AND WIN!

(Note: Do the Punchy quest.)


Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is sorry predict that the last requirement to join the Mysterious to DEFEAT WHOOPIE!

Objective Find a Whoopie Cushion... this is HARD!

(Note: Do the Whoopie quest.)

The Club!

Mysterious Johnson's club

Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is proud to be in the present of someone so...mysterious!

You are hereby a member of the Mysterious Mystery club. Membership WILL have value as you travel the universe. Always be on the lookout for things that are... MYSTERIOUS!

Club Password: (spoiler)

  • Mysterious Wallpapers (brings a pop-up of a page that needs the club password and then brings you wallpapers)
  • Mysterious Necromancer
Mysterious J.: As a member of the Mysterious club, Mysterious Johnson will share with you his vision of THE FUTURE!
Mysterious J.: The stranger wears a heavy gray cloak. The darkness around him obfuscates EVERYTHING! The future is uncertain.
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes this mysterious stranger exists in the future AND in the past!
Mysterious J.: The ghosts that you have been collecting are not from our plane of existance... but FROM HIS!
Mysterious J.: They came here to possess items with EVIL energy that corrupts ALL who dare use it!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson predicts.... DOOOM!
Mysterious J.: Doom Mecha.... Doom Weapons.... Doom Hamsters!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes you are the only one who can prevent this. The hero... OF OUR GALAXY!
Mysterious J.: As a member of the Mysterious Club the responsibility is now yours. Be tempted not by the DARKNESS!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson is counting on you to NOT LET the shadow engulf Soluna city!
Mysterious J.: Mysterious Johnson believes you may be skeptical regarding a number of subjects and suggests asking Master Myrzor!
  • Mysterious Hat
  • Mysterious Sounds (each of these buttons plays a different sound clip)
  • Mysterious
  • I am...
  • Cookie
  • Serious....




  • Mysterious Johnson is the first (and for now the only) in-game AE character to have voice acting, which is the occasional "Mysterious" or "Mysterious Johnson". His voice is by Warlic.