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Important Text

  • Ah, Greetings, <your character's name>. Are you here yo learn more about the dark side of the universe?


  • There are certain mecha types that hunger for dark energies. I know how to unlock their true potential! If you have one of these mecha models, please bring it to me! You will know power beyond your wildest dreams!


  • When Dr. Mysterious Johnson tampered with the portal, I was able come to this dimension. This shop has a certain appeal... Mysterious Johnson has somehow sealed it so I may not enter...But I like it here... So I am going to stay for a while. Muahahaha!

Get Doom Cells

Feed Your Mecha

Before Shirt Release

This feature will be released when the Shadowscythe shirts go on sale!

After Shirt Release

Capture the Ghosts

  • Remember, if you deliver 13 Ghosts to me, I can you give you great power!

Captured Ghost

  • Ah, very good. You captured the ghost! You may deliver it to Mysterious Johnson or to me. The choice is yours!

Killed Ghost

  • You destroyed the ghost! You may want to try to keep it intact next time!


  • It is the same stranger form Dragonfable selling the doom weapons.