N-UBER Missile (FLX-4) (front)

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N-UBER Missile (FLX-4) (front)
This upgraded and tweaked N-00B missile is basically the same as the original 4x model, but with new special powers. Based in parts on a weapons study done by GEARS student "forumlogin"
Level Required: 24
Equip Spot: Front Shoulder
Hits: 4
Damage Per Hit: ** 11 - 12 Ballistic
Total Damage: 45 - 51 Ballistic
DPT: 48
DPE: 1.3
Energy Consumption: 36
Cooldown: 3 turn(s)
Location: Standard Shoulders (Tek's Mechs)
Price: 28,800 Credits
Sellback: 2,880 Credits
SC Needed: No
** This is an educated guess - the exact per-hit formulas are unknown.
N-00B Missile.PNG

Chance on Hit

(needs info)