Nurse Helia

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Nurse Helia


Nurse Helia is also known as Nurse Helia Quinn or just Helia.


Specific Hospital (Soluna City)


University Test, Helicopter Game, Alien Autopsy


Nurse Helia Quinn is an expert physician who studies healing magic on the side.

Important Text

  • (Originally (no longer available).)

Helia: Oh, you are one of the students who crash landed. The hospital is not open yet. Be careful not to get sick... or crash any more...

  • (Currently.)

Helia: The Shadowscythe invasion couldn't have happened at a more inopportune time.

Helia: The hospital is not ready to open yet and many of our doctors are stranded out there on the battlefield!

Helia: We're completely understaffed at the moment! We need someone to go out there and rescue them.

Helia: But there are still some Shadowscythe forces blocking our efforts! We need someone to go out there and airlift our doctors out!

Helia: Can you pilot a helicopter? The survival of our patients is at stake here!

Rescue! (Helicopter Game quest)



  • Nurse Helia was originally outside the front doors of the Specific Hospital and is now found inside.