Parma John

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Parma John




Pizza Pizza! (After you advance a rank)

Important text

  • (Before you Apply)

Parma John: Hey kid, you look like you can handle a Pizza delivery mecha. Wanna make some extra 'dough'?

  • (After you Apply)

Parma John: Oh sure, you hate your job now. But just wait until you are promoted to <Next Position>!

Mecharoni Application Form

Apply for Job

  • (Not available after you Apply)

Parma John: Mama Mia! Really?

Parma John: <he/she> is either crazy or must not have heard about the last Pizza Delivery <boy/girl>!

Parma John: This is one job that will get you 'going places' and will sure 'open a lot of doors' for you!

Parma John: Deliver Pizzas, get tips, and with enough promotions I may just let you use the staff shops!

Parma John: All you have to do is sign here... and do not mind all that small print about what happens if you do not deliver a pizza in 30 minutes or less.

(Application Form)

Parma John: Great! Welcome aboard <Your Character Name>!

Parma John: You will begin your way up the Mecharoni corporate ladder starting at the prestegious rank of Dishwasher!


Parma John: Pizza delivery is a serious job requiring dedication, determination, and really good aim with a photon cannon!

Pizza Delivery Missions!

  • (Only available after you Apply)

Parma John: We have a customer waiting for my famously delectable tuna-herring supreme! Make sure it gets there hot!


  • (Unlocks after you Apply)

Parma John: Wearing your Mecharoni uniform will increase your chance for a promotion! Wear it with pride and strike fear in to the hearts of our competitors!