Pizza Defense

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Pizza Defense
Mech Battle
Objective: Completed!
You have defended the honor and property value of Mecharoni pizza!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Mecharoni's (Parma John)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List: Delivery Boy, Hot Dog, Jimmy the Eye-Pod, Rusty Rat Mecha, Shadow Grunt (level 1), Shadow Hunter (level 2), Shadow Mega Gunner (level 3), Shadow Whelp (level 1), Shadowscythe Hound, Shadowscythe Spyder
OM Enemy List: None
NPCs: Maza Rella
Total Experience: Random
Total Credits: Random


Maza Rella: <Your Character Name>, we are under attack! Sensors indicate that the enemy mecha is either Shadowscythe or Rusty Rat!