Poltergeist Crystal (back)

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Image(s) Needed: Phantasm Shard.png
Poltergeist Crystal (back)
Allows the bearer to communicate with the supernatural world. Spiritual forces may overtake your opponent's mecha.
Level Required: 25
Equip Spot: Back Shoulder
Hits: 4
Damage: 12 - 17 Laser
Total Damage: 48 - 68 Laser
DPT: 58
DPE: 1.5
Energy Consumption: 38
Cooldown: 3 turn(s)
Location: Default:Advanced Nova Hawk
Price: N/A
Sellback: N/A
SC Needed: Nova
Phantasm Shard.png

Chance on Hit

  • Phantasm Leech, a DoT lasting for 4/5 (?) turns that damages enemy EP and replenishes own HP.