Rebel Leader (quest)

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Rebel Leader (quest)
Defeat the Rebel Leader
Objective: Completed!
This is REALLY bad... The rebels are actually the elite forces of the Soluna Defense Forces! It looks like Kingadent Slugwrath sold out the planet to the Shadowscythe!
Location Info
Level Required: 5
Location: Moon
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Random
Mecha Enemy List:
OM Enemy List: None
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Credits: Scaled

Progress of Events

  1. When you take the mission, take not of the healing pad in the first screen. If your mecha is serious damaged in the previous fight, come back for repairs. It's enough to repair you for 5 times. When you're ready, go to the right to advance.
  2. Go to the next screen and take down a rebel (screen 2).
  3. Go to the next screen and take down another rebel mecha (screen 3).
  4. On screen 4 there should be no enemies to fight, but you'd meet the boss (rebel leader) when you head all the way to the right. Head all the way to the right to trigger a cutscene and th boss fight.
  5. Just give it all you've got when fighting the boss. Keep shooting until the boss' health points drops below 25%. When this happens some shadowscythe units will pop out and salvo the rebel leader into the oblivion.
  6. The leader will eject and taunt you into stomping her (if you're indeed Slugwrath's slave, go ahead). If you want to rescue her, read on.
  7. Slugwrath will say his disappointment to you and sends a shadowscythe unit (Centuar) to take you down. Kill it to watch the cutscene and complete the mission.


Slugwrath: This is our chance to defeat the rebels once and for all! Their strength seems to be weakening!

Slugwrath: If you can defeat their leader, their morale will be crushed! Strike now while the opportunity is at hand!

On reaching the Rebel Leader

Rebel Leader: Even if you are lucky enough to defeat me, you will never be able to destroy what we stand for!

On defeating the Rebel Leader

Odessa: Coward! I would expect as much from Slugwrath's lapdog! You fight with no honor, relying on backstabbing to win your fights.

Odessa: Tell your Kingadent that he will never be able to destroy what we stand for!

Odessa: You have sold out an entire civilization for an empty promise of mercy! Your new leaders will show you none! Now you have what you wanted!

Odessa: If you are indeed Slugwrath's loyal servant then crush me with your mecha as a symbol of how the Shadowsythe will crush you...

Odessa: Honorless Cowards!

On choosing the Rescue Her option

Slugwrath: I thought that you would be a useful tool... Obviously I was wrong.

Slugwrath: Resisting the Shadowscythe is futile. You should have stayed on the winning side! Oh well, it's time to tie up loose ends. Goodbye <character name>!

If you choose the Crush Her option


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