Rebel Trooper(NPC)

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Moon Rescue

Important Text

Reputation level 0-30:

Rebel Trooper: Hey aren't you <character name>? You're Slugwrath's agent! Prepare to die!

Reputation level 40-50:

Rebel Trooper: Rumor has it you are trying to infiltrate our ranks. Prepare to die!

Reputation level 60-70:

Rebel Trooper: Some of us trust you <character name>, but I don't! Prepare to die!

Reputation level 80:

Rebel Trooper: Many people say you are an agent of The Kingadent, but I don't believe them! Let's get out of here!

Reputation level 90-100:

Rebel Trooper: <character name>! Thank goodness you're here! Now I'm sure to survive!


Members of Odessa Pureheart's Rebel Army.


You have to increase your reputation level to gain their trust.