Rebellion Black Box

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Rebellion, Moon after collecitng 10 Power Cells



A movie clip showing how the the Shadowscythe invation started

The Clip


  • A Battlecruiser on duty floats around the Lore

Hudson: Calling Home base, this is Hudson from Battlecruiser 5, reporting for the daily update.

Bishop: Hear you clear and loud commander.

Hudson: Looks clear today, we're going to take one more pass and then turn for home.

Bishop: Roger that.

  • Screen starts blinking red

TW17713: Warning! Warning! Unidentified object approacing!

Hicks: It looks like a Shadowscyte figther Sir! Nothing we can't handle.

Hudson: Set shield to 100%, let's show these aliens what taxpayers' money can buy.

  • Two Shadowscyte fighters attacks the Starship

Hicks: Shields are holding, these things aren't even making a dent!

Hudson: Excellent! Now let's fire some shot of our own. What do we have in inventory?

Hicks: We have Tickle, Smack, Knockout or I'm going to hit you so hard, your grandchildren will have headaches

Hudson: Surprise me.

  • The Battlecruiser fires back and destroy the two fighters, while more is coming
  • Something Sabotages the Battlecruiser

Hudson: TW17713! Damage report!

TW17713: Critical damage detected! Major shield malfunction!

Hudson: Divert all power to shields!

Hicks: Unresponsive sir! Looks like someone destroyed the shield generator!

TW17713: TW17713 predicts a 98,76% chance of total failure! TW17713 suggests evacuation!

Hudson: Everyone to the escape pods!

  • The escaped pods releases (which looks like the Rebel Delta) and the Battlecruiser crashes at the Moons surface.