Roy Silver

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Roy Silver


Westion, Alamonia Town, Alamonia Town Hall


Mayor in Alamonia

Important Text

Roy Silver: Hello <character name>! There have been some reports of a mysterious figure stealing from the train.

After Catch a Thief! Roy Silver: <character name>! I believe that a notorius bandit named Firemane is behind the kidnapping of the ambassadors. I'd like you to arrest her.

After Catch Firemane! Roy Silver: <character name>! Have you found Firemane yet? Keep me posted, buddy! oh... The mane on fire. It burns burns burns...

On clicking Catch a Thief! Roy Silver: I wonder if this thief is behind the recent mine shortages. Please ride the train and see if you can catch him in the act.

On clicking Firemane? Roy Silver: She is a very dangerous and elusive bandit. She is known to have connections with the Vul'Kharim. She'll be very hard to find. You should probably begin your search at Vul'Khar Ridge It is a Vul'Kharim settlement. Here is a sealed warrant for her arrest. Please present this to her when you find her. Good luck, <character name>!



Chase on the Zephyrus Catch Firemane!