Sepulchure 10k

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Sepulchure 10k
A mecha model powered by dark forces! You can feed this mecha Doom Cells to increase its power! Dooooooom!
Level Required: 10
Hit Points: 220
Energy Points: 160
Energy Regeneration: 10
Location: Stranger
Price: Needs Sepulchure 1000 and Doom Cell
Sellback: 0 Nova Gems
SC Needed: Nova (Special item needs Shadowscythe Shirts code)
Notes: Looks like Sepulchure
Available Slots: Front Arm/ Back Arm/ Front Shoulder/ Back Shoulder/ Body/ Head
Front Arm: Doomblade
Back Arm: Bone Fist
Front Shoulder: Doom Portal
Back Shoulder: Fluffy
Body: Doomknight Armor
Head: Doom Boost
Seppy mech.PNG