Shadow Naplam v2 (back)

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This is one of the Items found during the Shadowscythe Armada!
It was introduced during a War, and is only available in the game during the event, or possibly never again.
This event occurred from 11/21/2008 to 12/04/2008.

Shadow Naplam v2 (back)
A powerful napalm weapon. Causes additional napalm damage over time.
Level Required: 12
Equip Spot: Front Shoulder
Hits: 1
Damage: 32 - 36 Fire
Total Damage: 32 - 36 Fire
DPT: 34
DPE: 1.7
Energy Consumption: 20
Cooldown: 4 turn(s)
Price: (needs info)
Sellback: (needs info)
SC Needed: Nova
Shadow Naplam.PNG

Chance on Hit