Shadowscythe Invasion

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"Shadowscythe Invasion"
Soluna City suburbs.
Counterattack command post.


Soluna City is under attack!

Heros are not born... they are forged in the heat of battle.
In the first week of 3008, we lost all communication with the Planetary Defense Forces (PDF). It is possible that they all just got new walkie talkys and no one gave them batteries. However, with a mysterious invasion force on the attack the future of our bright and sunny world at stake -- you better load that battle mecha of yours up with some serious BOOM ZAP POW KAZAAAM! (and maybe a little bit of RATA TAT TAT TAT TATA KABOOOM ...Wzzzzzzzzzzzz.... wrrrrrllll.....)

ShadowScythe Forces on the move....

"As you already know, our planet is experiencing communication black-outs. Every location attacked by the ShadowScythe invaders has suddenly lost communication and gone silent -- never beening heard from again. GEARS University has encountered many scout drones, but we have never been attacked in a full out assault. Perhaps they did not percieve us as a threat.... wait... WHAT!? This just in. ShadowScythe forces are moving towards Soluna City! We cannot reach the planetary defense forces either! Star Captain Sys Zero has established a defensive parimeter and is calling for all available students to help hold the ShadowScythe at the suburbs. Prepare your battle mecha for battle..." - Laura Lensflare with Channel OICU-812 News.
Shadowscythe Invasion
Defend Soluna City against the invading Shadowscythe forces!
Event Info
Started: 01/04/2008
Ended: 01/10/2008
Type: War
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Soluna City (War Button)
SC Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
Shops: Shadowscythe Salvage
NPCs: Sys Zero
Victory occurred on 01/06/2008.