Sheriff Broncho

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Sheriff Broncho


Sheriff in Alamonia Town on Westion


He's a horse-looking Sheriff guy.

Important Text

Sheriff Broncho: Well, Your Name Here you've earned quite a reputation around town. Perhaps I could use your help!


Sheriff Broncho:There have been increasing numbers of Bandit raids on this town! These bandits are very well equipped and seem to have an endless supply of resources! Their employer must be extremely wealthy... I have no clue who could be funding them! One thing is for certain... It's no one from this town. Nobody here has that kind of wealth! I'd Like you to help me bring them down! The best way to do that is to go out there and start rounding them up!


Bandits, High Noon
Big Bad Broncho (quest) (requires reputation of 100)


Repair Mecha Equip


Sometimes he appears as lighter than normal (or might be my computer).