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Catch Firemane!

Important Text

Catch Firemane: Ruffled Feathers

  • Skraw: Outlander! Unless you are a true warrior, you must leave here at once. You have been warned.
  • Skraw: You hold 10 feathers from our honored warriors. You have earned the right to speak.
  • Skraw: We know of she who wears a crown of fire. To find her, you must endure the endless Sandsea beyond this ridge.
  • Skraw: Listen carefully, outlander... Travel east 3 days. Then turn south. After 2 days, head to the East again.
  • Skraw: On the third day, turn North and travel for 4 days. Then, head west one day. Your destination lies 2 days to the north.
  • Skraw: Go now, outlander. Seek the path....