Smokey, Larry and Cindy

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Smokey, Larry, Cindy and bones


Specific Hospital


(Before entering conversation)

Smokey: Hunka hunka burning love (Ticket Number 2045)

Larry: There is lots of time to read while you wait...LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of time

Cindy: The WR is full of lots of interesting people... and some of them are still alive!

Bones:Expect prompt service at Specific Hospital.

(During conversation)

Smokey: One of the Hospital's lower priority cases...

Larry: He is reading the new AdventureQuest e-Manga!

Cindy: She has not waited this long since Dooder stood her up on their last date.

Bones: This guy has been waiting a REALLY long time.

Important text

Smokey:Ouch! My condition is really starting to flare up! Is it getting hot in here?

Larry:Now that you mention it, I am starting to feel a little hot under the collar!

Cindy:I think that guy sitting behind me is pretty sick... I heard that he was prescribed an extra strong dosage of Poozom!

Smokey: Nurse I think there is something very wrong. Are you sure that there aren't any available doctors who can treat me?

Nurse Helia: Unfortunately, we have a lot of higher priority cases than yours at the moment *sniff* Is somebody smoking? Everyone, please read the sign! Smoking is not allowed!