Soluna Galactic Museum

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Soluna Galactic Museum exterior.


Museum Fossils Found

Any items in italics means that you'll acquire them if you complete the quest automatically. Others are subject to a roll of 100 that you need to score over 50.

  1. Acient Ruins Reaveled
  2. Ice Crystal Shard
  3. Triceratops Right Toe
  4. Triceratops Right Foot
  5. Triceratops Right Shin
  6. Triceratops Left Toe
  7. Triceratops Left Foot
  8. Triceratops Right Femur
  9. Triceratops Left Shin
  10. Triceratops Left Femur
  11. Triceratops Torsor/ Fire Crystal Shard
  12. Triceratops Tail
  13. Triceratops Neck
  14. Triceratops Shoulder
  15. Triceratops Right Arm
  16. Triceratops Left Arm
  17. Triceratops Right Hand
  18. Triceratops Left Hand
  19. Triceratops Jaw
  20. Triceratops skull (Full Zardasaur Skeleton Completed)
  21. Pearl of Kathool Atchoo
  22. Icthyosaur Torso
  23. Icthyosaur Hip
  24. Icthyosaur Right Arm
  25. Icthyosaur Left Arm
  26. Icthyosaur Right Backfin
  27. Icthyosaur Left Backfin
  28. Icthyosaur Right Fin
  29. Icthyosaur Left Fin
  30. Icthyosaur Tail
  31. Icthyosaur Neck
  32. Icthyosaur Right Backfin
  33. Icthyosaur Jaw
  34. Icthyosaur Skull (Full Sharakasaurus Skeleton Completed)
Soluna Galactic Museum
(there is no description)
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Connected Areas:
SC Needed: No
Notes: None
Shops and NPCs
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