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GEARS University, SDF Reliant


University Test Behind Enemy Lines


Professor Admina Denara's TA.


SDF Reliant

Dialogue (0-9 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: Wow! That last battle was exciting! However, the fighting has been getting much tougher lately...

Dooder: To think... Yesterday we were mere college students. Today, we are decorated soldiers!

Sally: Well, I'd prefer to destroy that rock now and get out of here! We stand no chance against that armada!

Dooder: Heh! I bet we can win! Starbuck already has over 100 Valor badges! With him on our side, we'll never lose!

Starbuck: Sally's right, Dooder. The sooner we blow up that rock, the better...

Starbuck: Oh! Hi, <character's name>! Are you ready for some serious combat?

Starbuck: If you prove yourself in battle, you will earn Valor Badges!

Starbuck: Who knows, Maybe someday, you'll have more than I do! Talk to us again when you have 10 badges!

Dialogue (10-24 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: This is starting to get serious! I can't believe how vicious it is getting out there!

Dooder: Yeah! It's very hard out there, but there's hope! I heard <character's name> already has <number of badges earned> badges!

Sally: Yeah... he hasn't been with us very long... he is showing great promise!

Starbuck: Oh! Hi, <character's name>! I see you have some badges! Great job! I bet you can't get 25 badges!

Dialogue (25-49 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: I almost didn't make it back last time! Those new Shadowscythe units are very effective.

Dooder: Honestly, I'm starting to get a little scared. The Shadowscythe Armada is approaching faster than before.

Sally: Yeah, and they have thwarted every attempt that we have to destroy the asteroid.

Starbuck: With soldiers like <character's name> fighting for us, there is still hope!

Starbuck: Oh! Hi <character's name>! Wow! <number of badges earned> Valor Badges! Great work, soldier! Are you tough enough to get 50 badges?

Dialogue (50-100 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: Did you see the size of that unit? I barely escaped!

Dooder: Yeah, when it attacked us, my entire unit went into total chaos!

Sally: Maybe if <character's name> was with us the fight would of gone better.

Starbuck: Yeah... he has <number of badges earned> Valor Badges! The only person with more is myself!

Starbuck: But I have been here longer... Oh, hi <character's name>! You are awesome! Can you beat my record of 100 badges?

Dialogue (Over 100 Valor Badges)

Starbuck: I was defeated in the last battle. I have never seen anything like that unit that attacked me!

Starbuck: I was truly lucky to escape! It barely missed my escape pod as I ejected!

Starbuck: <character's name>., You are the best soldier on the ship! You are our last hope!

Dooder: Yeah, I can't believe you have <number of badges earned>! That's amazing!

Sally: Yeah, with you on our side,I feel hopeful that we may go home soon!

Starbuck: You are a true inspiration to our troops, <character's name>. I salute you!


  • Due to his appearance and the fact that undead won't go near him has lead many to believe that Starbuck is Artix. The undead not going near him is only due to his brain graft surgery. People even believe that the brain graft surgery has caused him to forget he's Artix.
  • The Dragonfable missions 'The Hunt Begins' and 'Ruins of Kordana' both hint that the Artix of the Dragonfable universe, which is set after MechQuest, would not remember a character from the MechQuest universe, which supports the lost memory theory. Also, it is implied that the Artix from MechQuest fought the undead before everything was sent into the Dragonfable world in an event called the Reset.