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Sys Zero


GEARS University Shuttle, Star Captain's Club, Shadowscythe Invasion

GEARS University Shuttle

Important Text

Sys Zero: I am Captain Sys Zero, it is a pleasure to have you aboard my ship! How can I help you?


Sys Zero: Actually, I am the ace fighter pilot instructor for GEARS University. But during the summer I fly this ship to make a few extra credits.


  • (Was only an available option during Gamma)

Sys Zero: We will be landing at the University when... *whispers* when this phase of game testing is over. So battle some mecha in the mean time!

Fighter Pilots?

Sys Zero: Are you interested in becoming a Fighter pilot? There will be many things you can learn to drive, skate and pilot at the University.

Strange Blip

Sys Zero: Worsh picked up something strange on our sensors. Can you take a look?

Land the Ship!

level 1-2

Sys Zero:We will be landin at GEARS University soon. You can battle and buy some gear while we are on route!
Note:You will be able to land once you have achieved level 3. We are not sure why...the comsos is mysterious!
Note #2:MYSTERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

level 3+

Sys Zero: We are prepared to land at GEARS University in Soluna City! Are you ready, <Your Character Name>?

  • Note: Once you land you will still be able to return to this intro-newbie-quest-zone-dropship-thingy by talking to admina (beside the C-mail thing) and click return to dropship
  • (takes you to Chapter 1 Intro)


Star Captain's Club

Important Text

Sys Zero: Congratulations on becoming a Star Captain! Looks like we will be going on some missions behind Shadowscythe enemy lines soon!


Sys Zero: When we are ready to explore new worlds, your ship will allow you to travel out into the stars. Other players will need to ask you for a ride too!



Shadowscythe Invasion

Important Text

  • (Before War Victories reached 100%.)

Sys Zero: Thank goodness you are here! The Shadowscythe have brought in reinforcements. You and the other Students are the town's only defense!

  • (After War Victories reached 100%.)

Sys Zero: Good timing <Your Character>. We have located the enemy commanders. It's all up to you now!


Sys Zero: When I overheard that the ShadowScythe were invading, I put out a call for help to every available GEARS Student.

Sys Zero: Not much is known about these invaders. They will not respond to our attempts to talk to them.

Sys Zero: It is unlikely we will get any help from the Planetary Defense Forces (PDF)... no one has even heard from them in weeks.

Sys Zero: Every place the ShadowScythe attack just goes silent. We cannot let this happen to Soluna!

Sys Zero: I did a flyby in my ship and saw something interesting. They have mobile bases!

Sys Zero: They must use those mobile bases to set up operations. Be sure to take them out if you see any!

Sys Zero: I am sending out a message calling for your fellow students to come help too. We can hold them off... especially now that you are here!


  • (Only available after War Victories reached 100%.)

Sys Zero: Bringing down their command mecha will halt the invasion! We have a few targets -- which one do you want?

Rescue Sys-Zero (part 2)


Sys-Zero: ...Krzzzt... Leave... Now! Krzzzt No... pl.. please..he... Aaaaagh! ... Your attempts to resist are futile! Lord Valoth knows the limits of your power! This planet belongs to us now! The forces you have faced so far are merely a scouting force. The full strength of our armada has yet be unleashed! I will lead Shadowscythe forces into Soluna City. There we will force your inevitable evolution. The people of Soluna will easily bow to me, their trusted hero! ...Aaaaagh! No... pl... please help me!. Enough talk! Now, prepare for your destruction!




  • Sys Zero is a reference to Cysero, the game artist for DragonFable and MechQuest.
  • In Dragonfable, a character named Kordana, claiming to be from the MechQuest storyline, says that there is a ship named 'Cysero,' and that it 'merges' into the Dragonfable universe during an event called the Reset. Kordana says that Cysero should remember the events of MechQuest and that becoming a mage in the Dragonfable game was 'clever.'