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Could someone tell me the rest of the belts or put it themselves? I don't remember the rest of the belts. Thanks. --Friend of Chaos 20:41, 18 November 2007 (EST)

Other belts added. — Wisprr
Thanks. --Friend of Chaos 07:31, 19 November 2007 (EST)

Character Enemies?

We now have "Character Enemies" as appears in the Sword Fight quest, so I've been wondering how we are going to deal with entries for them since in-game we can't view statistics on them, not even their hit points or damage. I'm not even certain if we will ever be able to.. Anywho, we could use the Enemies' Template that we currently have, or I could create a new Template or figure something else out, but I'm uncertain how to proceed here. If anyone has any ideas or comments I'd love to hear them. Thank you. — Wisprr

I'm thinking we should have a mini-boss template and/or a non-mecha enemy template (really need a better name than non-mecha but can't think of one at the time. I don't think character enemies would work because people new to the site might think they mean you, or in other words the main character). For the mini-boss template you might just add "Special Attack:" because it seems Super Twang has some sort of special attack where he throws all the weapons that you can use on the weapon rack in order of req. least to greatest (Or you could just do one template that has "Special Attack:" because some "normal" enemies may have some later on...). Also, I went ahead and tried to figure some stats out. It seems that while doing sword fight the male partisan, female partisan, male axe, female axe, and Twang all have 75 health or near it (Note: This was tested while I was a black belt). It also seems that I have about 100 health in Sword Fight and Super Twang (OM enemy). Super Twang appears to have 100 health also. I can assume that the damage for the axe and partisan student's weapons is the same as our axe and partisan.
Just putting this out there, but why is there an Attack button if there is a Strong Attack button? My guess is that Strong Attack gives you a _% more damage to your hit and _% less to your chance to block attacks. For the Defend button, I think it makes you hit _% less damage and _% more to your chance to block. The Attack button seems to give you around a 15% chance to block attacks and the Defend button seems to give you a 65% chance to block attacks while the Strong Attack button seems to give a 0% chance to block attacks (the %'s were just made up upon me guessing, not actual data). The Defend button seems to make you hit about 35% less damage and the Strong Attack button seems to make you hit 30% more damage. I might do more tests later. Sorry for the long response. Hope I didn't bore you! :) --Friend of Chaos 17:10, 20 November 2007 (EST)
Owie, my head hurts now.. lmao! Anywho, based upon my own observations and yours... Attack = Damage 100% Defense 15%; Strong Attack Damage 150% Defense 5%; Defense Damage 50% Defense 65%. Remember, there is always somewhere around a 5% chance of something to occur as a basic default for almost everything. (In fact, for your mecha you can have a Crit of 0 and still crit. Though, if you have a Dodge of 0 you never dodge. *shrug*) Anywho, when in Energy Blade fights it feels to me like most opponents have the same hp and your character has more, and that the difference in the fights come from the amounts of damage dealt.
Oh, and I've gone ahead and updated the Quest Template to have a "Mecha Enemy List" and an "Energy Blade Enemy List" (hey, that's what you fight them with, so I thought it appropriate enough) and updated all the Quests appropriately. — Wisprr
Eh, went on and figured out all the wolfman have 75 health too as well as the EB students. Are those the actual %'s? Or are they just pretty? I could go and do 100 of each button and do all the research for it if you want. EB enemy list should be fine for now until they think of enemies that haven't heard of Star Wars :) . Also, not sure if this is a glitch, (guessing not because it's a new mecha) but I fought a Pizzaroni type mecha, Deliverator. I'll go and do the stats on it soon I hope, but something may pop up. Also, I faced a Shadow Mega Gunner that had Immobility. It didn't say the stats on that part, but I used by Shining Electron Sniper on it and it wasn't stunned because it had Immobility. I think it also looked different then the picture the page has. Think that's all I have to say. If not I forget the rest... --Friend of Chaos 20:19, 22 November 2007 (EST)
I'm an idiot lol... Never mind about the Deliverator... --Friend of Chaos 20:38, 22 November 2007 (EST)
Happy Thanksgiving to all us gluttons working on the wiki today lol! And yes, there are a few new mecha enemies that haven't been cataloged just yet (I wouldn't want to take all the fun away from others!). And yes, those are actual percentages, you can take my word for it or test it yourself, the results will be the same. And all the EB enemies have the same hp, hell, Master and Super Twang probably have 75 hp each as well. At the very least for the EB enemies we could get some screenshots and if you throw together some stats you want to see on their pages, I'll make up a pretty lil template for them.
And about that Stun Resistance, remember the 5% rule I mentioned? Looks like all MQ mobs have a base 5% to resist any stun effect. I've even had the Mega Spider resist my stun once, which I found rather annoying since it doesn't look like players get that 5% stun resistance. — Wisprr


For the record...

  • "Attack = Damage 100% Defense 15%; Strong Attack Damage 150% Defense 5%; Defense Damage 50% Defense 65%." — Primarily educated guesses. Damage could be tested, defense could be tested for a rough approximation over an extended number of uses.
  • Hit Points — 75 seems the most common, I have also come across 55 and 100 on rare occasions.
  • 5% Rule — It may or may not actually be 5%, but there is a base chance that certain things will always occur. (There is always a chance of hitting, missing, criting, and an enemy resisting stun regardless of statistics. For example, you could have a 100% bonus to hit and still miss, or a 100% chance to miss and still hit.)

Wisprr 11:57, 5 January 2008 (EST)