Tech Phantom2

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Tech Phantom.jpg
Resistance 1: Immobility 100
Resistance 2: None
Resistance 3: None
Enemy Type: Non-Equippable
Default Special Abilities: None
Attack 1: Attack 1
Attack 2: Attack 2
Attack 3: Attack 3
Attack 4: None
Attack 5: None
Attack 6: None


Attack 1:Vampire Effect Heals 5 HP. Front arm lights up red and grabs your mech

Attack 2: Spread hands vertically and a reddish-black portal opens and a reddish-black skull comes out that bites your mech

Attack 3: Rasies both hands and above and below your mech reddish-black portals open and release reddish-black bats fly from one portal to the other directly through your mech

Other: This ghost can be captured easier once reduced to 39 or less hit points.