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GEARS University Shuttle, Tek's Mechs

GEARS University Shuttle

Important text

Tek: Hi! I'm Tek! I'm opening new mech and weaponry shop in Soluna City. This is so exciting!


Tek: Was that your Mecha I saw in the back? Not bad but I would love to recalibrate that gyro stabilizer for you. It looks 0.005% off to the left.

Mecha Types

Tek: There are many different Types of Mecha. Stop by my new shop when you get to Soluna and I will show you! The trick is finding a base model with the most armor and the highest energy recharge rate!


Tek: Like lasers, machine guns, cannons, missle systems, blasters, phasers and *starts running out of breath* ...? I do not even know where to start! I have a small selection here for you to equip your mech with. My shop will get new shipments regularly.


Tek: A good mecha is only half the battle. The rest comes down to you! Improving your stats will make you a better pilot. You can click on your portrait in the lower left to see your current stats.


Tek: Are you an anime fan too!?!? I love anything with space or giant robots in it. What is YOUR favorites? *whispers* Do not tell anyone, but I filled up an entire mech bay with my anime collection. We should hang out and watch them sometime.


Tek's Mechs

Important text

Tek: Welcome to Tek's Mechs! Feel free to look around my shop. I'll install all new parts free of charge.


Tek: Hi <Character Name>, how has your mecha been? Seems like just yesterday I was recalibrating its gyro on GEARS Shuttle.

Tek: This is my friend Scrap. I found her when i was salvaging for some space mecha debris.

Scrap: Twk. Twk. I am pretty sure I am the token cute character designed to get ratings with the girls.

Tek: Sure are!

Scrap: Twk. Twk. Tek decided to keep me because I alphabetized her secret giant robot Anime collection.

Tek: Ooooh.. did you hear about that new animated short that is going to premiere at the Theater?

Scrap: Twk. Twk. You bet! I hear J6 made it and it was animated like 'Artix vs the Undead'.

Tek: Hey <character name>, do you want to come see it with us when it premieres?

Scrap: Please come! It would be... Twk. Twk. So fun!



Scrap: Twk. Twk. Oh yeah, busted.

Tek: Yup, broken.


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