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 |Location=tek's shop


What You Should Enter in Each Space

 |Image=      Image of the Mech
 |Level=      Level required to use
 |HP=         How many Hit Points (100, 120, ...)
 |EP=         How many Energy Points (50, 60, ...)
 |Regen=      How much energy is regenerated per turn (5, 6, ...)
 |NeedSC=     Do you need to be a Star Captain? (Yes/No)
 |Notes=      Any notes, or None 
 |Desc=       In-game description
 |Location=   Where it is found in the game
 |Buy=        Cost to buy it
 |Sell=       Credits Received from selling it

 |Slots=      Head, Front Arm, Back Arm, Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder
 |DFArm=      Default Front Arm, or None
 |DBArm=      Default Back Arm, or None
 |DFSdr=      Default Front Shoulder, or None
 |DBSdr=      Default Back Shoulder, or None
 |DBody=      Default Body, or None
 |DHead=      Default Head, or None


 |Image=      Newbatron v1.PNG
 |Level=      01
 |HP=         100
 |EP=         50
 |Regen=      5
 |NeedSC=     No
 |Notes=      None
 |Desc=       desc
 |Location=   Starter Mech
 |Buy=        Starter Mech
 |Sell=       10

 |Slots=      Head, Front Arm, Back Arm, Back Shoulder
 |DFArm=      [[Refurbished Machine Gun (front)]]
 |DBArm=      None
 |DFSdr=      None
 |DBSdr=      None
 |DBody=      None
 |DHead=      None

Results In

Level Required: 01
Hit Points: 100
Energy Points: 50
Energy Regeneration: 5
Location: Starter Mech
Price: Starter Mech
Sellback: 10
SC Needed: No
Notes: None
Available Slots: Head, Front Arm, Back Arm, Back Shoulder
Front Arm: Refurbished Machine Gun (front)
Back Arm: None
Front Shoulder: None
Back Shoulder: None
Body: None
Head: None
Newbatron v1.PNG