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Special Notes

There is a lot of information we don't know about OM Enemies, so most of the entries here are pointless. They where left in just in case in the future we might be able to acquire that information. But as it stands, even the little bit of information we can get is difficult to obtain. (Hit Points can be figured out by how much damage you deal to them. Attack Damage can be obtained by letting them hit you a lot.. Attack EP Cost can be roughly gaged as a fraction by determining how many times they can use the attack (thus if they can use an attack 5 times before it consumes their EP, it costs 1/5 energy).) It's a rather painful process, so I'll say thank you now for any whom helps to gather this information, and that it is greatly appreciated.



What You Should Enter in Each Space

 |image=     Image of the Enemy
 |lvl=       N/A (Enemy Level)
 |hp=        Enemy Hit Points
 |ep=        Unknown (Enemy Energy Points)
 |exp=       Experience earned from defeating
 |credits=   Credits earned from defeating
 |ng=        0 (Nova Gems earned from defeating)
 |luk=       0 (Enemy Luck)
 |ref=       0 (Enemy Reflex)
 |pwr=       0 (Enemy Power)
 |acc=       0 (Enemy Accuracy)
 |eff=       0 (Enemy Efficiency)
 |per=       0 (Enemy Perception)
 |crit=      0 (Enemy Crit)
 |boost=     0 (Enemy Boost)
 |hit=       0 (Enemy Hit)
 |bonus=     0 (Enemy Bonus)
 |dodge=     0 (Enemy Dodge)
 |def=       0 (Enemy Defense)
 |reg=       0 (Enemy Energy Regeneration)
 |loc=       Where the Enemy is found
 |a1desc=    Attack 1 description
 |a1dam=     Attack 1 damage
 |a1ep=      Attack 1 energy point cost
 |a2desc=    Attack 2 description
 |a2dam=     Attack 2 damage
 |a2ep=      Attack 2 energy point cost
 |a3desc=    Attack 3 description
 |a3dam=     Attack 3 damage
 |a3ep=      Attack 3 energy point cost
 |a4desc=    Attack 4 description
 |a4dam=     Attack 4 damage
 |a4ep=      Attack 4 energy point cost


 |image=     Cain S Lupus.PNG
 |lvl=       N/A
 |hp=        75
 |ep=        Unknown
 |exp=       10
 |credits=   5
 |ng=        0
 |luk=       0
 |ref=       0
 |pwr=       0
 |acc=       0
 |eff=       0
 |per=       0
 |crit=      0
 |boost=     0
 |hit=       0
 |bonus=     0
 |dodge=     0
 |def=       0
 |reg=       0
 |loc=       [[(random) Robbery]]
 |a1desc=    Stabs with Energy [[Tanto]].
 |a1dam=     1-8 x1
 |a1ep=      0
 |a2desc=    Head butt.
 |a2dam=     2-12 x1
 |a2ep=      1/4
 |a3desc=    None
 |a3dam=     0
 |a3ep=      0
 |a4desc=    None
 |a4dam=     0
 |a4ep=      0

Results In

General Stats
Level: N/A Luck: 0 Crit: 0
HP: 75 Reflex: 0 Boost: 0%
EP: Unknown Power: 0 Hit: 0
Energy Regen: 0 Accuracy: 0 Bonus: 0
Exp: 10 Efficiency 0 Dodge: 0
Credits: 5 Perception: 0 Defense: 0
Nova Gems: 0
(random) Robbery
Attack 1
Stabs with Energy Tanto.
Damage: 1-8 x1 Energy: 0
Attack 2
Head butt.
Damage: 2-12 x1 Energy: 1/4
Attack 3
Damage: 0 Energy: 0
Attack 4
Damage: 0 Energy: 0
Cain S Lupus.PNG