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 |Desc=Yokai Items For Your Mech
 |Notes=You Need To finish all planets exept zargon 
 |Locations=gears university

What You Should Enter in Each Space

 |Desc=        Basic description
 |Level=       Level required, if none required put 1
 |NeedSC=      Do you need to be a Star Captain? (Yes/No)
 |Notes=       Any special notes
 |Locations=   What Areas/Locations are found on this planet


 |Desc=        Your home planet.
 |Level=       3
 |NeedSC=      No
 |Notes=       None
 |Locations=   [[Soluna City]], [[GEARS University]]

Results In

Your home planet.
Level Required: 3
SC Needed: No
Notes: None
Locations on Planet
Locations: Soluna City, GEARS University