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{{Starship Items

What You Should Enter in Each Space

{{Starship Items
 |Desc=      Basic description
 |Level=  What Level is the item (Level 1 is the default)
 |Location=  Where this Item is found
 |Type=    What type of Item is it
 |NeedNG=    Do you need Nova Gems? (Yes/No)
 |Buy=  The price of the item
 |Sell=     The sellback price
 |Notes=     Any Special Notes


{{Starship Items
 |Desc=      Round red throw rug
 |Location=  [[Starship Shop]]
 |Type=    Carpet
 |NeedNG=   No 
 |Buy=  500 Credits
 |Sell=     50 Credits
 |Notes=     None

Results In

Starship Items
Round red throw rug
Location: Starship Shop
Level Required: 1
NG Needed: No
Type: Carpet
Price: 500 Credits
Sell: 50 Credits
Notes: None