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What You Should Enter in Each Space

 |Desc=       Basic description
 |Level=      Minimum level the Uniform can be acquired
 |Slot=       Body/Head/Cape
 |Location=   Where it is found in the game, if not a Spoiler
 |Buy=        Shop price/No Cost/Quest Reward
 |Sell=       Gold received from selling it or Not Sellable
 |NeedSC=     Do you need to be a Star Captain? (Yes/No)
 |Notes=      Any additional notes, or None


 |Desc=       The uniform all characters begin with.
 |Level=      1
 |Slot=       Body
 |Location=   Starter Uniform
 |Buy=        No Cost
 |Sell=       Not Sellable
 |NeedSC=     No
 |Notes=      None

Results In

The uniform all characters begin with.
Level Required: 1
Equip Spot: Body
Location: Starter Uniform
Price: No Cost
Sellback: Not Sellable
SC Needed: No
Notes: None