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{{Weapon (personal)

What You Should Enter in Each Space

{{Weapon (personal)
 |Image=      Image of the Weapons
 |Level=      Level required to use
 |Type=       Energy Blade/Blaster
 |MinDmg=     Minimum Damage
 |MaxDmg=     Maximum Damage
 |NeedSC=     Do you need to be a Star Captain? (Yes/No)
 |Notes=      Special effects, notes, comments or None
 |Desc=       In-game description
 |Location=   Where it is found in game
 |Buy=        Cost to buy it
 |Sell=       Gold Received from selling it or Not Sellable


{{Weapon (personal)
 |Image=      Sword.PNG
 |Level=      3
 |Type=       Energy Blade
 |MinDmg=     1
 |MaxDmg=     8
 |NeedSC=     No
 |Notes=      None
 |Desc=       Starter Energy Blade.
 |Location=   [[GEARS University]] ([[Tsuba]])
 |Buy=        Starter Energy Blade
 |Sell=       Not Sellable

Results In

Weapon (personal)
Level Required: 1
Weapon Type: Energy Blade
Damage: 1 - 8
DPT: 4
Location: GEARS University
Price: None
Sellback: Not Sellable
SC Needed: No
Notes: None