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Mechas available on planet Westion
Wrangler Mechas (NG)

Wrangler | Super Wrangler (SC) | Equinox Star Steed (SC) | Ultra Wrangler (NG) | Mega Wrangler (NG)

Khael Snakes (NG)

Khael Serpent | Khael Diamondback (SC) | Khael Cobra (NG) | Khael Rattler (NG)

Sheriff Mechas

Deputy | Star Sheriff

Khaeldron Labs (NG)

Drakel Power Armor V4 | V5 | V1 (SC) | V2 (SC) | V6 (SC)

Khaeldron Labs (Powermerge)

War Armor: V2 (SC) | V4 | V5 | V6(SC) | Drakel Armor: V2 (SC) | V4 | V5 | V6 (SC)

This template allows quick navigation to different mechs available on Westion, excluding the rares.

All mechs are sorted by the shop that it is available on, with the F2P, SC and NG shops being grouped together. For example, the Wrengler

  1. F2P shop
  2. SC shop
  3. NG shop

are grouped as one single column.