University Test

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University Test
Exploration, Mech Battles
Objective: Completed!
Congratulations - You passed the test and made university history with a record breaking score!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Starts in Soluna City (Admina) and proceeds to GEARS University (Denara)
SC Needed: No
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy Generation: Fixed
Mecha Enemy List: Hot Dog
OM Enemy List: None
NPCs: Denara, Kurtz, Benjamin, Judy, Joey, Starbuck, Nurse Helia
Total Experience: Random
Total Credits: Random


  • EXP Reward: 15 x # of kills (capped at 1,000)
  • Credits Reward: 50 x # of kills (capped at 1,000)


Denara:Running late? Listen up. You're going to have to do better if you are going to survive in the academy. Report to your entrance exam immediately! Okay <Your Character Name>, report to Starbuck for your exam!

Kurtz: oooooh... the horror...

Benjamin: Don't worry Kurtz! Nurse Helia said to stay off your foot until your body accepts the new one..

Judy:That test was completely unfair! Did you see that thing move? It was completly unstoppable!

Benjamin: Yeah! I can't believe they expect anyone to beat that thing! It was hideous! Kurtz was one of the lucky ones!

Judy: Yeah I heard that some students are undergoing 100% reconstructive surgical procedures.

Kurtz: Make it stop... oooooh

Joey: Impossible!!! Aaaaaaagh! These people are insane! I'm outta here!AAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!

Denara: What are you waiting for!? Report to your funeral... I mean... Exam!

Starbuck: Welcome <Your Character Name>, I'm Starbuck, Prof. Denara's TA. This is my last year at GEARS. I took the same test when I first came here long ago...I don't mean to brag, but I set the record score for this test. That was 4 years ago and no one has even come close...So lets get started! Get into your mech and prepare to fight the assessment drone! Good luck, buddy!

(Battle Malfunctioning Hot Dog — was originally a Malfunctioning Jimmy the Eye-Pod)

Starbuck: Congratulations, that was very impressive, <Your Character Name>! Let me see according to the assessment info, your score is... OMG! This is impossible.. there's no way you could score that high. There must be an error in the data...Wait a minute, I'm receiving a message from Dean Warlic... Are you sure, sir? There is no precedent for this... Well okay, I understand. Yes sir! Well, <Your Character Name>, it looks like Warlic has something special in mind for your test. Prepare to fight some drones!

(Battle endless Hot Dogs)

Nurse Helia: Wow, I can't believe that experimental procedure actually worked!Oh! Hello <Your Character Name>. You're as good as new! Thanks to the power of Gastrovian smelling salts! You're so lucky! The last guy that set a school record needed to have a brain graft afterwards! I think his name was Starbuck...He was never the same after that and for some reason or another, Zombies never seem to want to bite him...Anyway, everyone is very impressed! You broke the old record by a huge margin. Even Dean Warlic is impressed! hrmmph... and nothing ever impresses that guy... Oh, you're still here? You're all clear! Have fun at the University!


  • To finish the exam you must die,when you are not die you fight infinite Hot Dog until you die.

After you die you see Nurse Helia then skip talking and thats you finish the University Test exam.

  • When Nurse Helia mentionted that starbuck can never be biten by zombies is a possible reference to Halo were Sgt. Jhonsen can never be infected by the flood to a experimental procedure done to him.