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The Raven's Nest

Welcome. I think.

Hello and welcome to your friendly neighborhood sysop's corner of the MechQuest Wiki. I specialize in ranged weaponry, explosives, daggers, poison, and all manner of spellwork.

Still here? I suppose I should show you around. Instructions are simple. To read something, scroll down or click on the relevant entry in the Table of Contents-esque thingy.

And please, whatever you do, DON'T touch anything on my back shelf! (That's where I keep the potions, poisons, and generally nasty stuff.) Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

Unfortunately, that bit of advice only applies if you're a cat, and I don't see too many cats editing wikis nowadays. So I suppose I'll have to say that curiosity killed the, wait, that doesn't really apply either, besides alienating all the ravens flying around out there. Definitely can't do that. Anyway, I think you know what I I'll leave you to formulate your own wise sayings, as my old Spelling books used to put it.

Oh, and just one more thing....(Yeah, yeah, I know, you're all saying to yourself, "Enough with the lengthy intros already!" I promise this is the last bit. Maybe. If I feel like it.) Watch out for lengthy digressions! And when I say lengthy, I mean lengthy. Some of them are so big you might not be seen for days if you fall into them. And yes, I overused the word 'lengthy' in the last paragraph. Maybe I should call this the Paragraph of the Lengthy Digressions....Heh.

Current Wiki Projects

Oh me oh my, so many things to do! I'd better get started :p

  1. Hammer the Mechs by Area template into something presentable
  2. Keep the amount of wanted categories at a reasonably low number (well, this is more like a permanent project...)
  3. Add some of the wanted pages so I can get rid of all the other rare mechs I have
  4. Clear up the SC/NG item categories

You, of course, are welcome to help any way you can.