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  • A character from Dragonfable that claimed to be from the MechQuest timeline states that, in an event called the Reset, Warlic was sent to the Dragonfable world of Lore, and that he may remember the events of MechQuest's timeline.
  • In every other AQ games, Warlic is a younger mage. In MechQuest, he is an old man. Because of the age difference, he may have no memory of the Reset because he did not 'merge' as he was in MechQuest.


Warlic is also known as Dean Warlic.


GEARS University, GEARS Games, Shadowscythe Invasion, Shadowscythe Invasion II, Shadowscythe Invasion III


Chapter 1 Intro


Dean of GEARS University.


Important Text

Warlic: Greetings <Your Character>. Your results from the entrance exam were impressive, but you still lack experience.

Warlic: However, you seem to have great potential. Return to me when you have learned more about the ways of mecha.


Warlic: This year, tension between the houses has escalated to extremely high levels.

Warlic: The Labyrinth Prank has set the houses feuding like never before.

Warlic: To avoid unauthorized dueling between the houses, I have decided to start the GEARS Games early this year

Warlic: Pre-Season scrimmages are now officialy open. Only House members may participate.

Warlic: These scrimmages will consist of practice mechball games as well as some "friendly" 1 on 1 duels.

Warlic: Hopefully this competition will help the houses relieve heir tension through a little bit of friendly competition.

Warlic: The winning house will have a trophy displayed in their houses.

Warlic: Let the games begin!

Shadowscythe Invasion II

Warlic: There has been a lot of Shadowscythe activity in various archeological ruins around the countryside.

Warlic: We belive that they are searching for ancient technology to improve the strength of their forces.

Warlic: Our sources revealed they now have control of an entire Dino-Mecha fleet.

Warlic: I have assigned ruins to each of the houses. You may choose to patrol any ruins you wish.

Warlic: Mystravens patrol the Jungle. Wolfblades patrol the Desert. Runehawks patrol the Ocean.

Warlic: However, keep in mind that by patrolling diffrent ruins, you will be completing objectivs for the other Houses.

Warlic: If you don't belong to a house, you will be assigned random patrols.

Warlic: Remember, the Houses are working together this time. The battle will not be a success unless all objectivs are met!

Warlic: <characters name>, there is one other very grim reality that I must warn you about...

Warlic: You may encounter GEARS students who have been assimilated by the Shadowscythe. They will try to stop you!

Warlic: Our sensors indicate that the Shadowscythe have developed two huge war machines. Please destroy them at all costs!

Warlic: If you engage them, allow their eject pods to escape. We are working on a cure for the Shadowscythe Virus.

Warlic: Expect to recive the usual lack of assitance from the Soluna Armed Forces. Now go fouth and join the battle!

Warlic: The follwing shops are open to GEARS student with superb performance in the GEARS games.

Warlic's Missions

Warlic: You must go to Sys-Zero's last known location the town of Tibattleonia are you ready for this mission.

Warlic: Sys-Zero's last known location, was the town of Tibattleonia. Are you ready for your mission?

Tibattleonia (quest)

Warlic:The town of Tibattleonia is just ahead. This is the last known location of the Soluna Defense Forces. Sys-Zero came here seeking militarily aid during the last Shadowsycthe attack. Please search the town for any pertinent information.

Warlic:There is a Huge ShadowSycthe unit Guarding the exit of this town. I sent a repair truck to rendezvous with you. Proceed with caution. It appears that this unit is actually a giant alien creature which has been cybernetically altered by the Shadowsycthe.

Warlic: That Black Box you recovered contains a video log from just before we lost contact with the military forces stationed here. Lets watch this recording immediately!

Warlic: That does not bode well for us. It arppears as if the entire military force stationed here was seized by the Shadowsycthe. There is no sign of Sys-Zero either. The Shaodwsycthe force in the recording seemed to come from the nearby mountain range. I believe Sys-Zero may have gone there after stopping here. Hopefully we will find him there. He's critical to the defense of the Soluna City!


Warlic: Our scanners have picked up trace energy signals from Sys-Zero's reconnaissance jet in this area. He must be here somewhere! Please be careful! There may be strong Shasdowscythe presence here. We cannot afford to lose you, too!

Warlic: Sys-Zero's eject pod has been safely recovered. Unfortunately, the Shadowscythe has taken control of his mind. We must find a way to cure him.

StarShip Parts

Warlic: The Kingadent has requested you for a top secret mission. We will need a working Starship first.

Warlic: There is a Starship docked at theSoluna Spaceport. However, it has been sabotaged. You will need to find replacement parts. Search this crash site for starship parts. Be careful. There are Shadowscythe units in this area.


Warlic: Very good. You have found all of the parts. The starship is being repaired now. Next we'll need a crew... You have found all of the required Starship parts. You may now acess the Salavage Shop here. You may return here at anytime to search for more parts.

Warlic: Excellent! The (item that you find) that you found is in perfect working order! It will be installed immediately!


Warlic: The (item that you find) is too badly damaged to use. We will need to look for another.

Shadowscythe Invasion III

Warlic: The Shadowscythe Are attacking again! I am calling all GEARS Students To action. Contrary to popular relief, this war is far from over! I believe it has just begun! We have defended Soluna in the past and we will do it again. The good news is that we have established contact With a group of SDF soldiers on the moon.They will be attempting to knock out the Shadowscythe's moon-based communications network while we hold the city.<Characters name>, You and the other GEARS Students are this city's only hope! We must never fail!