White Castle

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Important Text

Kingadent Slugwrath: Greetings <your character's name> You are GEARS finest student as you we have defeated the Shadowscythe forces!

<your character's name>:Um, sir... Dean Warlic and I have evidence to the contrary...The war seems to be going quite badly!

Kingadent Slugwrath: Nonsense! There is no evidence to support that claim! We have indeed won the war.

<your character's name>:... but sir our military forces were mostly destroyed at Tibattleonia and now Capatin Sys-Zero is controlled by the Shadowscythe! I really think we need to look for some allies for before the next invasion begins.

Kingadent Slugwrath:Those are just rumors! Do not take them too seriously! We have a REAL problem on our hands. Their is a group of rebels on the moon. They are extremely dangerous and most be defeated.

<your character's name>:Shouldn't we try to negotiate peace with them? we could really use some allies right now...

Kingadent Slugwrath: I assure you. Diplomacy is futile with these savages. You now have flight clearance to the moon.Go there immediately and defeat the rebels! The fate of Soluna depends on you!
White Castle
You know... where the Kingadent lives... like the White House... but even cooler!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: Soluna City
Connected Areas: Soluna City
SC Needed: No
Notes: Need to do Test Drive to get to it. LIES!!!
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
NPCs: Kingadent Slugwrath