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GEARS University Shuttle, Soluna Police Department

Worsh is the GEARS University pilot, he takes the player to Soluna City where he crashes the ship and is later arrested for an unknown reason.

GEARS University Shuttle

Important text

Worsh: I am a rock on the wind. Watch how I drop!


Worsh: Oh, hello there! I am Pilot Worsh, nice to meet you! We will be crashing *coughs* erm, landing in um.. well...

Worsh: ... how about I just let you know when we get to GEARS University.

<Your Character>: Sounds great! Say, is that a Firefly buzzing by your head?

Worsh: Yuppers! I find that Fireflys bring me serenity. Say, would you like to hear a song I have been working on?

<Your Character>: Oh no....

Worsh: *singing* Take my gloves, take my hands...

Worsh: Tie me to chairs I cannot stand... .

Worsh: I dun' care the coffee's free...

Worsh: You can't crash this ship without me!

<Your Character>: ...

(Seriously, how many people are going to actually get that joke?)

Space Lore

Worsh: Hey, did you know that Fairies are good luck... just like Dolphins used to be back in the days of sea travel?

<Your Character>: Really?

Worsh: Sure! They say if a Fairy flies up to the ship and follows us... well... it is a sign of good luck!

Worsh: You should take a look every now and then to see if any Fairy friends following us.

Worsh: Because with my piloting and landing record... we are going to need all the luck we can get!

Fairy Watching

(takes you to a viewing window)

(if you look long enough you can see fairies crashing into the window)

Fly This Ship!

Worsh: Hey, have you ever flown a star ship? Would you like to try? Here... TAKE THE CONTROLS!

Worsh: Okay, you have the controls... NOW GO! Watch out for that asteroid! *cringe*

Worsh: Wow! That was awesome! You're a great pilot. *Hey Captain! Did you see how well I navigated that asteroid field?*

Soluna Police Department


Public Service Announcement: Be good. OR ELSE!

Important Talk

Worsh: ...nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Hey you! Do you have a spare fork?


  • Worsh is a reference to the TV show Firefly (and the movie Serenity). His "Talk" is even a parody of the Firefly theme song.
  • Another NPC, River, is named after and based on a character from the same show and movie. The two may be connected.


  • Worsh's father is Eddie.
  • Worsh is a pun on "Worst".